Guiding Principles of Yellow Belly Members

All businesses who join The Yellow Belly agree to:

1. Be honest and fair

2. Be prompt, polite and courteous when communicating with customers at all times

3. Aim to provide the highest level of service in every interaction

4. Have serving their customers to the best of their ability, be their primary intention

5. Be polite, friendly and treat customers (and their property) with respect

6. Ensure communication is frequent, clear and friendly

7. Endeavour to learn and improve with every new customer they serve

8. Have ALL reviews and feedback received about their business published on The Yellow Belly (reviews of lower scores are investigated prior to publishing

9. Understand that if it is discovered these codes of conduct aren’t being adhered to, The Yellow Belly reserves the right to remove their membership of this exclusive club with immediate effect

10. Deal with all customer complaints professionally, promptly and without confrontation or abuse

11. Have the relevant experience and qualifications to provide the services or complete the work required

12. Ask customers to complete reviews in their presence for any services provided or work completed

13. Provide honest and accurate information to The Yellow Belly at the time of application