Home Security Essentials for A Safe and Sound Home

Home Security Essentials for A Safe and Sound Home

If you’ve ever wondered if your home is safe against unforeseen events and intruders, this home safety and security essentials guide, provides ideas you can check and implement, to make your home as safe as possible.

In 2018 there were 1.3 million household related thefts reported in England and Wales, an 8 percent increase from the previous year according to government stats.

The good news is however, in Lincolnshire figures from the Office of National Statistics for the year up to June 2019, show that domestic burglaries in the county have dropped by six per cent when compared to last year, bucking the national drop of 5 per cent.

That said having the right security measures in place not only acts as a deterrent to any would be thief, it’s also good for our peace of mind, knowing that our families and properties, are as safe as possible. 

Here are some idea to keep your homes safe and secure :

Secured Locks and Entrances

It may seem obvious, but one of the most important aspects of home of security are strong and secure locks. Make sure you have heavy-duty locks and doors installed at all the entrance points.

The British Police’s Crime Prevention Advisory states that you should lock your doors every time you leave the house even if you’re just out in the garden. It is further stated that in most of the burglaries, criminals break into the house by the front door.

They do so either by forcing the lock or kicking it. You need to make sure you have solid locks and doors in place to prevent any such mischief. And keep your valuable belongings in an impregnable safe. You can refer to the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) to help find the best locks you can install for your home. 

Extra Keys

Always have multiple pair of keys available for all doors. Make sure all of the household members have the keys. It’s important to have multiple pairs in case of an emergency or lock-down.

Tidiness, Outdoor Lights and Window Covers

To make sure that no ones gets through or passes by your house without getting noticed, make sure to install lights outside. They’ll help prevent crimes happening at night.

Putting up blackened covers or curtains on windows visible from outside will  prevent outsiders from spying.

Also, overgrown bushes will make easier for burglars to sneak inside without anyone having to spot them. Keep your front garden clean and mow often.

When Travelling Away from Home 

When you leave your house for an extended period such as a holiday, make sure you make your home look like someone’s living in it. This will give an impression to the outsiders that someone’s in there. You can ask your neighbour to park their car there, cancel newspaper deliveries and avoid mentioning on social media that you’re going on a holiday to stay away from prying eyes.

Emergency Preparedness

Calamities don’t knock on the door before stepping in. Having full emergency preparedness is one of the most important aspect of the home security essentials. That includes the First Aid Kit, which is a crucial thing to have in case of an emergency. Having enough supply of items like batteries, flashlights, candles and matches in case of a power breakdown is important too. Keep a stock of non-perishable food and bottled water. Make sure you have multiple working fire extinguishers in place and you occasionally inspect them if they work properly.

Technology to Save the Day

Today’s technology can provide high level of security without having to turn your home into a prison. Installation of the right security systems and equipment will protect you from hardened criminals and burglars. 

Cameras and Sensors

It’s always great to have surveillance cameras installed to monitor activities around your neighborhood. If any mischievous activity takes place, you can go through the video recordings, take a picture and provide it to the concerned law enforcing authorities to deal with.

Motion sensors can help detecting intrusion and can notify you whenever anyone tries to break in when you’re not at home, or even you are. It can notify the nearby police station if such an incident takes place. Many security systems also come with window and glass-break sensors which can trigger an alarm in case of an intrusion.

You can deceive the thieves when you have gone out on a holiday by using light sensors to turn the lights on automatically when it’s night-time and is dark outside.

Getting a Video Doorbell

Modern security systems come with video doorbells installed at your doorsteps to help you monitor people coming into your house. Most such video doorbell systems have mobile applications through which you can directly see who it is at the door. The video doorbell will not only help you see person at the door but also record 24/7 giving surveillance option too in case someone tries to break-in when you’re not at home.

Securing your ‘Security System’

You have to defend yourself against ‘virtual’ attacks as well. Make sure the security system you have installed has the latest firmware updates and is not too old. Many security systems are controlled through Wi-Fi which raises security concerns. Hackers can get into such systems, control all the smart devices and succeed to break in merely with their fingertips. It’s better not to use locks that have wireless connectivity.

Heat and Smoke Monitoring

Having proper heat and smoke monitoring systems installed is one of the important home security essentials. Traditional smoke alarms can trigger when there is any smoke detected, but will not notify the fire service about it.

Modern security systems come with heat and smoke monitoring equipment which will not only set off the alarm, but also notify the concerned authorities so that they can respond as quickly as possible.

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